And girrrrrrrrrl that is exactly what I live for.... I want to capture your wild, crazy love story, EXACTLY the way it is!

wild, crazy, and untamed!

I am in love with these blue ridge mountains and think that I am truly living in heaven on earth BUT I also love to travel! I have been to 6 different countries across the globe and I am ALWAYS looking for a reason to go somewhere else! You wanna get married somewhere far away…I might know a perfect third wheel for ya!

As you can tell you my life is

livin that
     good life

well hellllllo gorgeous

I ‘m Whitney, a messy (no really, you should see my laundry room) mama of three rambunctious boys and married to the sweetest and hottest man alive. 

I love Jesus with all my heart and I aint gonna ever be ashamed or apologize for that! I also swear like a sailor so ya knowww DEFINITELY not perfect. 

Most days you can find me living in leggings, binge watching true crime, reading (well I wishhhhh I was reading), drinking alllll the coffee and playing outside with my favorite people, Liam, Finn and Cade. I am obsessed with putting hot sauce on everything, Bojangles french fries, southernly sweet tea and obviously run on sentences.

So lets get right to the goooood stuff. 

So you are over here cause you wanna know what I am all about.

Whitney is so kind and such a talented photographer! If you’re looking for someone who can capture the candid, real moments in life she’s the one you’ve been looking for! she’s got a great personality and wants you to feel and look great in your pictures and she’s also not afraid to be goofy! I can’t say enough kind things about her!!

"can capture the candid, real moments..."